Prodigy 2018

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Prodigy 2018 2018 Model





580 grams (1.3 pounds)

In the Box

Atlas Broll

Kids deserve the best too.

All new design. Impossibly light.
New organic padding. Simplistic.
Easy Open release system. The Atlas Broll
is perfect for your little one.

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Chest | Sternum-Free

HiPP is a naturally flexible polymer, yet retains the structural strength needed to perform in high impact situations. Although the design may appear simplistic, the operation is highly sophisticated. HiPP helps make this possible.

Back | Spine-Free

The flexible structure acts as an extension of the human body – moving, flexing, and conforming to the body in an effort to not cause pressure points or hard surfaces that can lead to secondary injuries. During an impact, forces are pushed through the structure directly away from the impact zone.