Our little pride and joy.

The Atlas Tyke brace is our little pride and joy, purposely built to protect yours. As parents we care deeply about our children's safety, so we built a product for our little ones to enjoy as much as we do.

Feeling of freedom.

Extreme sports require agility and mobility, even if you’re 5 years old. Bulky hand-me-downs can be dangerous and limit critical body movements necessary to safely perform extreme sports... The Atlas Tyke is designed specifically, and proportionately for this reason.

Custom made.

Beauty is in the details... Every component on each Atlas Brace is custom designed, engineered, and then machined, molded, or fabricated to our exact specifications. Why? Because this is our craft, our art, and we passionately pursue perfection.


The Atlas Tyke fits a small child just like an adult brace fits a full size adult. Even though the product is miniature, it still preserves the innovative features of its bigger counterparts to create unmatched performance for your little tyke.

The choice of champions.

It’s natural to admire our idols and imitate what they do. Atlas is the choice of championship winning athletes Ryan Villopoto and Jake Weimer... Two of the most respected in the business. Become an Atlas Athlete today

In case of emergency.

Each Atlas Brace features a unique Emergency Release System. With the push of a button, a user can enter or exit the Tyke brace very easily with no loose parts to fall away. This quick release system can be performed in a matter of seconds by people of virtually any age.


Flexible "leaf spring" style suspension allows the chest supports to aid in absorbing and slowing down Hyper-Flexion impacts. This promotes further rotation of the helmet, helping to keep the body in motion rather than the head coming to a harsh, abrupt stop on impact.

Room to grow.

Reversible rear mount inserts offer multiple offsets to adjust for chest size, and create a custom fit for different individuals. Incorporating adjustment allows for an expanded life span for the product by adjusting to your child as he or she grows.

Tip the scales... Barely.

At 490g (1.1 lbs) the Tyke brace is incredibly lightweight. So light, your children may even forget they are wearing it!

Keep it in place.

Keep your brace in place and increase comfort during use with our simple to operate, adjustable chest strap. Included in every box.

Around the spine.

Dual back supports maximize surface area spread across the back, while transferring loads around the spine rather than directly into it. More surface area helps disperse forces over a large portion of the body, aiming to reduce pressure points in critical areas.

Around the sternum.

More contact. Less feeling. Dual chest supports sit around the sternum to maximize surface area on the chest, this helps transfer forces over a wide area allowing each impact to be spread out, and evenly distributed.

Quality materials.

In order to create the very best products, "off the shelf" parts just don't cut it. We skillfully craft each and every one of our products down to the smallest components, only using the highest quality materials to not only create the best product possible, but ones that resemble a finely crafted factory works bike.


Whether your packing up after a long day of riding, or just moving your brace from point A to B, we have you covered. Every Atlas Brace is able to be folded up instantly... No disassembly, no misplaced parts, and less space to take up in your gear bag.


Simplistic design not only enhances features and function, it also lends itself to customization. Custom graphics are readily available, easy to apply, and since there are endless possibilities they can bring out every individuals personality.





(Chest Circumference)



$199.99, $209.99 (RV signature)



1.1 lbs (490g)


Packaging Dimensions

  • Depth - 10.5" (27 cm)
  • Width - 12.5" (32 cm)
  • Height - 4" (11 cm)

In The Box

  • Tyke Brace
  • Chest strap
  • User manual
  • Draw string bag


Each Atlas Brace™ carries a limited lifetime warranty against breakage for the original purchaser. Atlas Brace USA, LLC. and its subsidiaries reserve the right to repair or replace the product and/or its component parts at our own discretion. Read More



To truly innovate, you have to be willing to completely change the way you think about a product. Every aspect must be re-imagined from the ground up. With endless hours of R&D, we make it our mission to create the absolute best products possible that truly fit, flex, and function as they should. We are committed to excellence.


We go to great lengths to create simplistic products. By removing all the unnecessary parts from the assembly, you get a far more user friendly end result. From fit and adjustment to function and maintenance, carefully engineered simplicity allows us to make everything a step above the competition.


With most protection products, comfort is often sacrificed. We believe in making products that don't over look this very critical feature so that our customers don't have to hinder their performance. Our products use never before seen features and advanced materials to create the ultimate balance of quality and comfort, without sacrificing protection.


We fanatically obsess over every aspect of our products, constantly pursuing perfection to create the ultimate user experience. Instead of customers asking “Why does this function this way?” We want them to look at our products and think “Why don’t all products function this way!” This is what we strive for, this is our driving force.

The choice of champions.

It’s natural to admire our idols and imitate what they do. Atlas is the choice of championship winning athletes Ryan Villopoto and Jason Anderson... Two of the most respected in the business. Become an Atlas Athlete Today

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