At•las |’atlǝs| noun

(pl. at•las•es) (also atlas vertebra) Anatomy of the topmost vertebra of the backbone, articulating with the occipital bone of the skull. ORIGIN late 16th cent. (Originally denoted a person who supported a great burden): via Latin from Greek Atlas.

At•las |’atlǝs| Greek Mythology

One of the Titans, condemned by Zeus to support the heavens upon his shoulders.

The world of Atlas... Racer designed, racer tested.

The Atlas Brace is racer designed, racer tested, and has been developed around the necks of championship winning professionals. With the development team lead by former Supercross and Motocross racer Brady Sheren, team Atlas was able to create a revolutionary new device that aims to solve many of the problematic criteria that exists with neck protection today. Using advanced materials and breakthroughs in safety, the Atlas challenges the traditional methods of neck protection. By creating an innovative design that is stronger, safer, flexible, more adjustable, more comfortable, and extremely simplistic, the Atlas provides advanced protection with none of the bulky trapped feeling, all at a great price.

About the team

Brady Sheren and Brad Mclean both grew up racing MX and in the motorcycle industry, their fathers both were Icons in the Canadian motorcycle industry; Brady’s father, Rick Sheren was the founder of R&M Motorsports, President of Tucker Rocky Canada and President of Mechanix Wear Canada and SIXSIXONE Canada. Brady has had a very prestigious career as a top Canadian MX racer, racing in both Canada and the United States, and is now transferring that experience over to designing innovative products made to fit racers needs. Brad’s father Bill Mclean was a multi national Canadian MX champion and founder of Pacific Yamaha in Vancouver, BC. Brad also has many years experience as a MX racer, race team manager, retail shop employee, and sales associate at SIXSIXONE Canada.

Chadd and Cameron Cole have a similar story, being the sons of Eddie Cole who was the founder and President of Answer Products, Protaper, Manitou, SIXSIXONE, Tag Metals, Sunline and Filtron. Both Chadd and Cameron were introduced to the motorcycle industry at an early age, and continue to be heavily involved year after year.

Brady, Brad, Chadd, and Cameron are also the founders and owners of Matrix Concepts. Matrix was launched in 2009, and is now in over 30 countries and is used by nearly every professional Factory Race team in the USA.