Defender includes front and back protection. Defender Lite ONLY includes front protection.  


The first advancement in 4 decades.

Traditional chest protectors have been the same for over 40 years - A combination of injection molded plastic, laminated absorbent foam, and a fastening system holding them together. Finally, we are proud to introduce the Defender - The first modern solution to body protection made to integrate seamlessly with your Atlas Brace.


Waterproof. FINALLY.

With inspiration from high end running shoes, we are introducing a big step forward in comfort, durability, and water resistance. The Defender padding is extremely light weight, incredibly tough and tear resistant, and is completely waterproof. Finally, a chest protector you can wash knowing it will not put on water weight, or be wet for your next ride.


Out with the old. In with the new.

Using a high performance padding solution also meant using a high performance assembly technique. Gone are the days of using dozens of cheap, low quality rivets to hold everything together. By bonding the padding to the plastic shell we create a permanent singular assembly with no gaps, loose parts, fasteners, added weight, or protruding plastic features facing the body.

GoPro ready.

Each Atlas Defender comes with a free GoPro camera chest mount. Bolt this optional mount directly to your Defender along with your own GoPro camera to get a perfect view of your riding, racing, or other extreme sports activity.
*Camera not included.


Integration. And security.

With 5 possible configurations, and the ability be worn under or over a jersey, the Defender is the perfect addition to your Atlas Brace. We even provide built in simple elastic straps to hold your brace in place.


Modular. Times 5.

Configure your Defender in a way that suits you. Choose an over the jersey option:


Full Defender - Neck Brace - Over the jersey

Defender with PVC upper back - neck brace - over the jersey

Full Defender - No neck brace - Over the jersey


Or choose one of the following under the jersey options:

Defender with PVC upper back - neck brace - Under the jersey

Full Defender - No neck brace - Under the jersey


Maximum air circulation.

By creating a seamless bond between the outer shell and padding, air doesn't get trapped in hidden gaps that exist with traditional protectors. A total of 52 intake and exhaust vents help promote maximum air flow to the body, and molded air channels in the padding help keep it circulating right where you want it.


Adjustment made easy.

Adjust your Defender on the fly by simply sliding the waist strap adjuster till you reach the desired fit. Slide it forward to tighten, and backwards to loosen.

Mag-Strap Connection.

Unique waist straps have built in magnets to help keep the straps in place during use.


GoPro Ready.

Each Atlas Defender comes with a free GoPro camera chest mount. Bolt this optional mount directly to your Defender along with your own GoPro camera to get a perfect view of your riding, racing, or other extreme sports activity.
*Camera not included.


Innovation for the modern era.

40 years is too long to go without innovation. We decided to break tradition and create the first modern chest protector - and we are proud to call it the Defender. It not only helps defend your body, but also what we stand for. We love innovating better ways to solve problems, and the unique construction of the Defender is a prime example. This is a new era. And we are just getting started.


Under. Or Over.

The Defender can be worn under or over a jersey. Configure it in a way that suits your needs.


Simplified fasteners.

Changing configurations is made easy, thanks to our unique single tool removal. Custom CNC machined aluminum fasteners are recessed into the shell on one side, allowing for easier removal with a single flathead screw driver, coin, or any other similar object.

Surface finish.

Designing the first modern era chest protector meant making the inside just as beautifully crafted as the outside. Each surface of the shell and padding have a strategically chosen surface finish and texture to not only improve the looks and style, but also prolong the durability and the life of the product.


Make it your own.

Simplistic design not only enhances features and function, it also lends itself to customization. Custom graphics are readily available, making it easy to add your name, number, and personal style.










1.65 Lbs (760g) - 2.2 lbs (993g)

Depending on configuration


Packaging Dimensions

  • Depth - 12” (31 cm)
  • Width - 14.5” (37 cm)
  • Height - 4.6” (12 cm)

In The Box

  • Defender
  • Hanger
  • GoPro mount
  • Quickstart guide
  • Configuration kit


Each Atlas Brace™ carries a limited lifetime warranty against breakage for the original purchaser. Atlas Brace USA, LLC. and its subsidiaries reserve the right to repair or replace the product and/or its component parts at our own discretion. Read More



To truly innovate, you have to be willing to completely change the way you think about a product. Every aspect must be re-imagined from the ground up. With endless hours of R&D, we make it our mission to create the absolute best products possible that truly fit, flex, and function as they should. We are committed to excellence.


We go to great lengths to create simplistic products. By removing all the unnecessary parts from the assembly, you get a far more user friendly end result. From fit and adjustment to function and maintenance, carefully engineered simplicity allows us to make everything a step above the competition.


With most protection products, comfort is often sacrificed. We believe in making products that don't over look this very critical feature so that our customers don't have to hinder their performance. Our products use never before seen features and advanced materials to create the ultimate balance of quality and comfort, without sacrificing protection.


We fanatically obsess over every aspect of our products, constantly pursuing perfection to create the ultimate user experience. Instead of customers asking “Why does this function this way?” We want them to look at our products and think “Why don’t all products function this way!” This is what we strive for, this is our driving force.

The choice of champions.

It’s natural to admire our idols and imitate what they do. Atlas is the choice of championship winning athletes Ryan Villopoto, Jason Anderson, and Dean Wilson... Three of the most respected in the business. Become an Atlas Athlete Today

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Defender 2018 Model


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